Here For A Good Time And A Long Time

Here at Good Time Brewing, we celebrate the essence of bar, beer, and beverage culture without the alcohol. Picture the comforting familiarity of a bar stool, the welcoming smile of a bartender, and the infectious laughter of friends coming together. Unlike other non-alcoholic beverages, our story unfolds in the heart of these vibrant spaces. Where great-tasting beer thrives, so does the community.

The Beginning

Good Time Brewing Story

Founder of Good Time Brewing, Michael ‘Mikey’ McFerran has worked in the bar industry for over half his life. From cocktail bars to dive bars, as patron and proprietor, he’s seen every side the bar world has to offer. In 2020 Mikey found out he was expecting a son who was further diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, called HLHS. He hopes that his son, and many others, will grow up and discover a variety of great tasting N/A beers. Good Time Brewing was born.

Good Time Brewing aims to provide beers that the best bars in the world will serve, that Mikey’s son can share with his Pops, and that live in everyone's fridge – a non-alcoholic beer for all. For the good of his son, himself, the bar and beer industry, and… everyone.

Brewed And Canned In New York

Our non-alcoholic beers are made and canned in Upstate New York, sold in bars, restaurants, and grocery stores, and shipped nationwide.

  • October 2022

    Founder Mikey McFerran, owner of the West Village bar/restaurant The Spaniard, teams up with brewer Dylan Collins, a graduate of the Siebel/Doemens WBA Master Brewer Program.

  • Summer 2023

    Together they brewed the first pilot batch of non-alcoholic IPA which made them say, "We think we're onto something here.”

  • Fall 2023

    With a growing team, Good Time Brewing successfully launched batch one of its pilot N/A IPA in over 40 NYC bars and restaurants, and sold out in under a month.

  • Spring 2024

    After gaining a reputation at premiere bars such as Superbueno, Katana Kitten, and Long Island Bar, Good Time Brewing partnered with Union Beer for distribution. 

  • Summer 2024

    The team launched their second, much-awaited beer — a light and delicious N/A Pilsner — to New York, Massachusetts, and Maryland and expanded locations across the Northeast.

Our Beers

At Good Time Brewing, our commitment is to meet or surpass your expectations each time you sip, savor or swap our beers. We began with creating a classic, hoppy non-alcoholic IPA, evolving into crafting light-bodied Pils and Wheat varieties, meant for every occasion. We're continuously developing new recipes. You can order our beers here on our website, and in select stores. 

Take a Look

A Drink To Remember, For All To Enjoy

For the times you need to get up early. For the times when one more would be one too many. And the times you just want a taste. We made the best-tasting n/a beer for those times. Because you want to put your best foot forward. Because you want to wake up fresh. Because you think for yourself.

And you know there’s no one way to define a good time. We believe good times with friends and family should be enjoyed by all. So join us, and have a Good Time. It tastes great and makes you feel good.