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Good Time Brewing is a beer company with your best interests at heart. We make a great-tasting non alcoholic IPA, that just happens to be without the booze.

Michael 'Mikey' McFerran and 2 other gentleman standing in front of a building titled 'Wilfie and Nells'. It is a brick building and there is a plant to their left.

From bar culture to beer cultures, without the booze

Michael ‘Mikey’ McFerran has worked in the bar industry for over half his life. From cocktail bars to dive bars, as patron and proprietor, he’s seen every side the bar world has to offer.

At the age of 18 in Glasgow, Scotland, he started as a glass collector in pubs, returning empty pints in need of washing. Since then he’s made his way through each position in the business from cellar man to manager, landing in New York City. In 2016, Mikey’s lifelong dream of opening his own establishment was finally realized as co-owner of the The Spaniard, today one of the most popular bars in NYC’s West Village neighborhnood.

But while Mikey enjoyed the great success of his creation, the pandemic changed his outlook on life and success like so many of us. The final catalyst to shift away from the hospitality world he had always known and loved came by way of happy news: he was going to be a father. In 2020 Mikey found out he was expecting a son who was further diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, called HLHS.

Knowing alcohol wouldn’t have much of a place in his son's life, Mikey decided to focus all his know-how, experience, and connections on creating a culture of acceptance towards non alcoholic good times, especially in bars and places people gather over cold cans of beer. Not wanting to leave the bar world behind, he instead focused on improving it, making a new version of the bars and beer he loved. Bars could still be great places for good times, but with his new mission, the definition of what constituted having a “good time,” and how you achieved that, could change. His hope is that his son, and many others, will grow up with better, and more varied options.

And so he made an offering to all, one that the best bars in the world serve, one that his son could share with his Pops, one that lives in everyone's fridge a non alcoholic beer for all. Good Time Brewing was born. For the good of his son, himself, the bar industry, and, well, everyone.

A woman holding a 'Good Time IPA Non Alcoholic Beer' in front of her frace. Behind her is a guy playing guitar, as well as an american flag, and to the bottom right of the photo is what appears to be an old school juke box.

A drink to remember, for all to enjoy

We set out to create a great-tasting non alcoholic beer that even drinkers, beer lovers, and bar hoppers can enjoy. Why? We love the good times that accompany a greatly poured pint and conversation, a good glass of wine on vacation, or celebratory cocktails with friends. We all know there’s more than one way to have a good time.

We value a happy medium mentality, where you can sip, swap, or savor a non alcoholic good time beer for just one drink, a lifetime, or in between. Free from the stigmas, outdated ideals, and labels, we created Good Time Brewing, a beer that tastes good, looks good, and makes you feel good. So cheers to more options, and to a good time.

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Michael 'Mikey' McFerran, his son, and his dog all sitting on a set of stairs. Also pictured is a 6 pack of Good Time IPA Non Alcoholic beers.

Believed so strongly we put them on our can…

For the times you need to get up early. For the times when one more would be one too many. And the times you just want a taste. We made the best-tasting non alcoholic beer for those times.

Because you want to put your best foot forward. Because you want to wake up fresh. Because you think for yourself. And you know there’s no one way to define a good time.

We believe good times with friends and family should be enjoyed by all. So grab a Good Time. It tastes good and makes you feel good. For the good of, well, everyone.

A line of three 'Good Time Non Alcoholic' beers. At the front is a 'Good Time Pils Non Alcoholic Beer', next is a 'Good Time Wheat Non Alcoholic Beer', and the furthest away from the camera is a 'Good Time IPA Non Alcoholic Beer'.
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Two beers sitting on a bar counter. On the left is 'Good Time IPA Non Alcoholic Beer', and to the right is a 'Good Time Pils Non Alcoholic Beer'. In the back, are beer drafts, such as Budweiser and All Day IPA.

we’re no happy-medium grade

To our beer critics, non-drinkers, and night owls alike, don’t be mistaken: our beer is no happy-medium grade. Each NA beer is made with carefully chosen ingredients for clean-tasting notes of the styles you love — IPA, Wheat, and Pils.

It’s never easy to make any beer the right way. Our commitment is that every time you swap, sip, or savor a Good Time NA, we meet your beer-worthy expectations — or far exceed them.